Change Log


1) Added OTDR Online Viewer 

2) Added export to PDF and Excel from Online Viewer 

3) Added Excel export based on XLTX template

4) Export to PDF and Excel supports logo

5) Added support for Terahertz Technologies Inc.(c) traces *.TTI

6) Added support for EXFO(c) V1 traces *.TRC

7) Minor bugs fixed

8) Offline viewer updated


1) Added support for Fluxe Networks traces *.TST, *.FLW

2) Added support for CSOR traces

3) Added support for *.IN traces

4) Added support for *.EI traces

5) Added partial support for some unknown traces

6) Some bugs fixed for Bellcore, Anritsu T5 traces

7) Justify report tables

8) Many minor bugs fixed


Initial release