Change Log


1) Added Joinwit OTDR parser

2) Corrected SOR parser

3) Updated OTDR Viewer to version 1.1


1) Added EI files parser AKA Jordan OTDR

2) Added Exfo-FCS (FTB-100, FTB-300) parsers

3) Corrected Mantis parser (also added copper cable recognition)

4) Corrected Loss and Reflection data at SOR, EXFO, TTI files

5) Corected Sum Loss values in parsers and Online Viewer

6)  Added Microsoft OLE recognizer

7) Corrected behaviour while multiple files selection in Online Viewer mode


1) Corrected Loss Values


1) Corrected Fluke Networks OTDRs parser

2) Added parsing some kind of SOR corrupted files

3) Added parsing some kind of EXFO TRC corrupted files

4) Added account name and email as PDF author

5) Added PDF bookmarks and hyperlinks


1) Corrected Date change algorithm

2) Slight interface change

3) New NetTest header parsing algorithm

4) Corrected Wavelength value for EXFO TRC

5) Added processing files with equal names

6) Added detection for Intune crypted files

06.02.2022 (Optimization pack)

1) Corrected converter stucking processing much files

2) Increased internal PDF conversion algorithm speed (up to 3 times)

3) Decreased size for generated PDF (about 10% size reduction)

4) Add support for CMA4500 measurement device

5) Add support for multiple traces in single SOR file


1) Corrections for device Model and device Module information in all representations

2) Corrections for Cable and Fiber information in all representations

3) Add explorer preview for SOR files in offline OTDR Viewer.

4) Added support for Cisco OTDR

5) Corrections in Acterna MiniCurve, WaveMTSParams parsing

6) Corrections in Anritsu T6 parsing

7) Corrections in SOR parsing with Language ID "CH"

8) Corrections in XLSX Pulse 

9) Corrections in Logo file processing

10) Corrections in Pulse and Range display in Online Viewer


1) Added OTDR Online Viewer 

2) Added export to PDF and Excel from Online Viewer 

3) Added Excel export based on XLTX template

4) Export to PDF and Excel supports logo

5) Added support for Terahertz Technologies Inc.(c) traces *.TTI

6) Added support for EXFO(c) V1 traces *.TRC

7) Minor bugs fixed

8) Offline viewer updated


1) Added support for Fluxe Networks traces *.TST, *.FLW

2) Added support for *.CSOR traces

3) Added support for *.IN traces

4) Added support for *.EI traces

5) Added partial support for some unknown traces

6) Some bugs fixed for Bellcore, Anritsu T5 traces

7) Justify report tables

8) Many minor bugs fixed


Initial release